Your Not Apple!

by Roy Paul Prosise on March 19th, 2015

Startups and big companies are so different. When it comes to manufacturing products Startup companies are painfully under-financed. This lack of capital makes manufacturing one of the most critically dangerous periods in the early stages of launching.  One tiny mistake in a design, tool, or QC process and you are out of business. Another mistake made by inventors and start up companies is they want to do things like Apple. This drives them to make costly mistakes in the market. One of the biggest mistakes Be Known has witnessed is when Inventors/Startups think they can demand a higher pricing model. To think a small company can control the price is crazy with a commodity product. Its too easy to be taken over by other companies willing to accept smaller margins. In fact the high margins invites competition. Be Known always suggests the day you release your first product in the market place is the day you should be designing your new lower cost product and be prepared to be realistic with your margins.

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