DIY! Provisional Patent Filing

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 3rd, 2015

Filing a provisional patent on your own is easy and inexpensive for your invention. You can do a basic patent search using google and the US Patent and Trademark Office website ( To file a provisional patent on your own, use the following steps:
1. Draft a background and description of your invention, where and how the invention is used, how the invention can be manufactured and materials the invention can be made out of. Do not exclude yourself to singular methods to create your invention; instead, be as broad as you can when describing the different shapes, sizes, mechanics and materials of your invention. For example, if your invention is a square, include how it could also be an oval, circle, triangle, pentagon, etc. This will help you block out future competition with other inventors and companies working around your patent when you file the non-provisional. 

2. Provide artwork to illustrate your invention and brief paragraphs to describe each graphic you provide. 

3. Include the description and drawings of the invention with the SB-0016 cover letter document ( small entity filing fee is $130 and micro entity filing fee is $65. 

4. You can file and pay for the provisional patent with a credit card online or with a check by mail. 

Note: It is highly recommended to use a patent attorney for filing the non-provisional patent within the year period following the provisional filing; however, filing the provisional patent on your own time and your own dime is the most economical route to take!

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