Whiteboard Meetings

by Derek Litteral on June 22nd, 2015

​The “whiteboard” meeting is vital for new concept design and exploration, product branding and logo ideation, and product line expansion. Finding a unique solution requires problem solvers with a creative twist. The brainstorm process is truly an art. A few conditions are required to enhance this process. You should have a big table and a big white/chalk board to express ideas freely. You want to build a brainstorm team of open-minded and creative-thinkers who have an eye and hear and energy that propels the whiteboard discussions like our muse, Lisa Simpson.  Our president, Roy Prosise, is a master sketch artist. His talent with a dry-erase market allows us to see a 3D sketch of our new ideas in the making! The most important rule of brainstorming is that all ideas are good ideas and no idea should be discarded due to how wild or ridiculous it seems in the preliminary meetings. You never know what other ideas can grow out of the seeds planted in the brainstorm meetings.

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