Sketch Your IDEA Into REALITY!

by Roy Paul Prosise on July 30th, 2015

​If you want to make your product idea come to life, the first step is to sketch your idea on a piece of paper. The process of bringing a concept to reality can be related to the snow ball effect: the more steps you go to make your idea a real tangible item, the more momentum you have at selling that idea. You must sketch your idea on paper so other people can understand your idea. Even if you are not the best artist, you can inspire someone that can sketch well to help you bring your idea to life in a 3D sketch. Once you have a 3D sketch, you can get an engineer involved to draw up a 3D model in CAD software. A 3D mechanical design can be sent over to a prototype printer or CNC machine to get a tangible model of your idea.  Once you have a model of your concept that others can touch, hold and feel, the more likely those people or companies like Beknown® will be interested in helping you take your idea to the big time level: manufacturing, sales and marketing. And to think, your successful product and profitable business started from just a simple concept sketch on a napkin!

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