Speed to Market

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 20th, 2015

​Many promising companies with new product ideas struggle to turn prototypes into products that grow their business.  They lack the commercialization resources needed to efficiently design, build and test a beta product, conduct market opportunity assessments, scale-up manufacturing or train employees. This is a growing problem in a rapidly changing global market place, where speed to market may dictate success or failure. Typically, large companies take too long due to corporate red tape and approval protocol, and new companies lose time in the learning curve to commercialize their products may fail to capitalize on a narrow window of opportunity before competitors swoop in and pass them by. The Beknown System hinges on its speed to market with the commercialized resources and proven strategy. The Beknown commercialized system has been tried, proven and refined with the successes and failures of Beknown in-house product lines to its current format of evolved efficiency. In layman’s terms: we understand that speed kills.

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