To Pitch an Idea to Investors!

by Roy Paul Prosise on December 14th, 2015

​Many inventors who come through our doors do not always have the visual tools required explain their design concept. Many inventors who come through our doors do not have the funds required to develop, manufacture and distribute their product idea. Without a design concept presentation you will struggle to raise the capital required to get your product idea to the shelf. Designers have a calibrated eye to “see” your design in abstract space during discussions, however many investors need graphic aids to help convey your idea or they will not fully grasp the big picture. The pitch is best coming from the inventor as you are the most passionate person about YOUR idea. But a pitch is useless without an investor deck to present to investors. Granted, you can always lean on friends and family to raise start-up capital, but eventually you will need to gain outside investment to take your product to the finish line. I always tell inventors “if your product fits your hand, the cost to validate your product idea is half a million dollars.” This means you will spend $500k by the time you design, prototype, tool up for mass manufacturing, build sales platforms and have a small inventory to get real market feedback.  If your funds do not foot the bill required to take your product idea through development process, the best strategy is to spend money to go raise money. For example, if you have only $20k to invest into your product idea, your money is best spent securing your IP and doing some design exploration to wrap up into an investor deck presentation with a solid business plan and investor options so you can go raise the rest of the money you need to make your idea a reality. If you have a team like Beknown involved in your development, you do not need to have to justify to investors how you are going to handle your manufacturing, supply-chain management and distribution because you have a professional team on-board. The investor deck is a great tool for getting your product company to the next level, especially when the investors know you have a team like Beknown® behind you!

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