The Five Headed Company.

by Roy Paul Prosise on February 1st, 2016

When building a company there are five pillars that set the foundation.

I. Capital resources
You need money!

II. CEO / Management
You need someone who is going to live and breathe and drive the company decision making and operations management

III. Supply chain management

You need a manufacturer to handle production. Think Be known Manufacturing.

You need to move your product from production facility to your warehouse for order fulfillment. This is our specialty!

IV. Marketing and Sales
You need someone to spread brand exposure, build a customer base and continue to reach new customers. Show me the money! Finding the right sales reps, marketing team, PR firm to sell your product is only measured by 💰 coming in compared to 💸 out the door.

V. Product idea and new product development
First, you need a good product idea that you an patent, protect and pitch. Then you must continue to improve on the product and reduce cost. In parallel you must introduce new products to sell under your product company. One hit wonders have an expiration date and require new products to supplement the company growth model!

If you are trying to fund raise for a company or a product, you have to prove to investors that you have these five components to your business covered! Investors only care about the team. With the right team and resources any product can be successful in the marketplace. In other words good ideas are a dime a dozen, but the right team and money behind any good idea is a powerful recipe for success.

Go to Beknown inventor portal at to download the BK 10 step blueprint. The Beknown team has unmatched experience shaping the 5 heads of a company to sell your product the right way.

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