by Roy Paul Prosise on June 28th, 2016

Beknown Now to announce expanding China operations. In order to keep up with the growing business in the U.S. BeKnown has reached out to one of the premiere product design and manufacturing companies in China. We will announce this partnership in the days to come. Our goal as a company is to create a fun and productive atmosphere to work in Asia.  We will be encouraging many of our current and new customers to tour our Design company located in Changping China. Jarod Barnett our China operations guy and Derek Litterall the US operations guy will provide a design atmosphere like no other. The new China facility will feel like home in the US. 

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 27th, 2016

Beknown Now is proud to be part of the Limb Bit team to support the product development and the manufacturing. Limb Bit uses sensors and your smartphone to detect changes in your horse's leg movements & patterns. Check it out!
​Because Horses Can't Talk!

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 8th, 2016

​Beknown Now and Gofish Cam teamed up to develop and produce one of the coolest little cameras on the planet! A product designed and engineered by people who love to fish. Ryan and Brandon have conceptualize a must have product for all fisherman. Go check out the web site and follow Gofish!

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 7th, 2016

​Alex and Cristian, founders of Kitchen Safety SolutionsTM LLC, started their product development journey with Beknown® as two college students at UTSA.  They came through Beknown® doors with a product concept that has been around for decades, a lemon squeezer, but their product has a twist: it cuts and juices fruit. From a concept idea, we designed and developed SquissorsTM, the first two-action hand held kitchen appliance that cuts and juices full sized lemons, limes and other small fruits such as oranges.
The founders had limited funding but financed the development costs by doing side jobs and still maintaining their obligations as full-time students.  Beknown® tailored a development plan for their budget with the goal to protect their patents and followed our proven program to look like a company with a mission. With a pre-production prototype in proof of concept retail packaging, some branding, a basic website and an investor pitch deck, Alex and Cristian were able to gain the interest of a marketing company to fund their tooling and production costs. SquissorsTM will be available on Amazon and for sale on their website in less than 3 months with Beknown® as their supply-chain management partner!
Alex and Cristian came into our door as college kids and now they are business owners of a product company with college degrees.

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 1st, 2016

​In a new product company, a novel product can jump start the product company and build your brand, however you need to consider product line expansion for the company to grow. A flagship product can be unique and new product which becomes the bread and butter of your business, but most one-hit wonders have a 2-3 year lifetime of sales growth before sales begin to diminish due to a product fad or new competition in the market space. You have to consider future generations and upgrades to your flagship product in the early stages of development as well as expanding your product line.  Not all products in your product line have to be home runs. You can supplement your product line with complimentary products for your flag ship product such as wine toppers in a wine product company.
For product line expansion some products may fall into the same product category, but might not be as novel. You can also spin your flag ship product for other markets for example exploiting a wine chiller concept to a chiller in beer bottles. The goal is long term growth for your product company as new product sales will eventually plateau! For example, Corkcicle tm began with Beknown® with a cigar tube concept for a wine chiller and now Corkcicle tm has over 10 unique products in their product line that we help them source and produce to keep the business growing.

by Roy Paul Prosise on May 10th, 2016

​Beknown® sponsored the CSU Collegiate Challenge this year offering $5000 to first place and runner up of 2016. The CSU Collegiate Challenge is Colorado’s most educational business pitch competition. The purpose of the event is to inspire, connect and educate student entrepreneurs to improve their success trajectory and advance their business. The competition accepted applications from 10 different states and 43 different universities and selecting the top 12 teams to compete in the 2016 CSU Collegiate Challenge for a grand prize of $25,000.00.
The Challenge was a huge success this year.  Lindsey Linke, founder of SiVEC Biotech was the grand prize winner and Carmelo Mannino of IgnoreU was the runner-up. Here is a video of Lindsey accepting the prize on our YouTube channel  The CSU Collegiate Challenge serves as a qualifying round for the Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge. CSUCC winners advance to the regional bracket with a chance at the $250,000 grand prize.

by Roy Paul Prosise on February 1st, 2016

When building a company there are five pillars that set the foundation.

I. Capital resources
You need money!

II. CEO / Management
You need someone who is going to live and breathe and drive the company decision making and operations management

III. Supply chain management

You need a manufacturer to handle production. Think Be known Manufacturing.

You need to move your product from production facility to your warehouse for order fulfillment. This is our specialty!

IV. Marketing and Sales
You need someone to spread brand exposure, build a customer base and continue to reach new customers. Show me the money! Finding the right sales reps, marketing team, PR firm to sell your product is only measured by 💰 coming in compared to 💸 out the door.

V. Product idea and new product development
First, you need a good product idea that you an patent, protect and pitch. Then you must continue to improve on the product and reduce cost. In parallel you must introduce new products to sell under your product company. One hit wonders have an expiration date and require new products to supplement the company growth model!

If you are trying to fund raise for a company or a product, you have to prove to investors that you have these five components to your business covered! Investors only care about the team. With the right team and resources any product can be successful in the marketplace. In other words good ideas are a dime a dozen, but the right team and money behind any good idea is a powerful recipe for success.

Go to Beknown inventor portal at to download the BK 10 step blueprint. The Beknown team has unmatched experience shaping the 5 heads of a company to sell your product the right way.

by Roy Paul Prosise on January 8th, 2016

Ideas are like a baby. You need to bring the baby out in the world, nurture it, feed it, grow it, till it becomes big enough to take care of itself. If you leave it at the stage of an idea itself, it is as good as non existent.

by Roy Paul Prosise on January 4th, 2016

​Several years ago, Easy gardener out of Waco, TX called me in what everyone else in the molding business told them was an impossible position. They needed a redesign of their new garden plastic product and production samples shipped to a potential buyer by the next day to close the sale. Easy Gardener’s buyer was Home Depot. In the morning, I designed the part. I built the molds and shot parts before the end of day and shipped overnight to Home Depot to help my customer close the deal! Normally, the lead time for this process takes 6 weeks. In one day, I had to accomplish the impossible to help my customer get to the end-zone with their biggest buyer and secure my manufacturing contract.. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get it done and get it done right.

by Roy Paul Prosise on January 2nd, 2016

Do you or someone you know have a new invention idea and don’t know where to go for help? Beknown can help! is an invention service portal that will help you patent, engineer, prototype, develop and submit your invention ideas to companies and Investors!

by Roy Paul Prosise on December 14th, 2015

​Many inventors who come through our doors do not always have the visual tools required explain their design concept. Many inventors who come through our doors do not have the funds required to develop, manufacture and distribute their product idea. Without a design concept presentation you will struggle to raise the capital required to get your product idea to the shelf. Designers have a calibrated eye to “see” your design in abstract space during discussions, however many investors need graphic aids to help convey your idea or they will not fully grasp the big picture. The pitch is best coming from the inventor as you are the most passionate person about YOUR idea. But a pitch is useless without an investor deck to present to investors. Granted, you can always lean on friends and family to raise start-up capital, but eventually you will need to gain outside investment to take your product to the finish line. I always tell inventors “if your product fits your hand, the cost to validate your product idea is half a million dollars.” This means you will spend $500k by the time you design, prototype, tool up for mass manufacturing, build sales platforms and have a small inventory to get real market feedback.  If your funds do not foot the bill required to take your product idea through development process, the best strategy is to spend money to go raise money. For example, if you have only $20k to invest into your product idea, your money is best spent securing your IP and doing some design exploration to wrap up into an investor deck presentation with a solid business plan and investor options so you can go raise the rest of the money you need to make your idea a reality. If you have a team like Beknown involved in your development, you do not need to have to justify to investors how you are going to handle your manufacturing, supply-chain management and distribution because you have a professional team on-board. The investor deck is a great tool for getting your product company to the next level, especially when the investors know you have a team like Beknown® behind you!

by Roy Paul Prosise on December 8th, 2015

​Your friends and family are unlikely to tell you if you have an ugly baby.  Same thing goes for your inventions and product ideas. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or crush your dreams because they care about you. This bold-faced lie your friends and family are telling you is only going to hurt you as you continue to spin your wheels in the wrong direction.
We will tell you out-right if you have an ugly baby. You are better off in the long run knowing that your baby is UGLY and there is no future for that baby when it gets out into the real world! We will also tell you if you can do surgery on that baby or if you should just let that baby go.  Most product ideas have a successful future with the proper care and nurturing even if it didn’t start out that way. We will tell you that we can put your ugly baby under and with a little Beknown surgery, creative spin and re-design, we will make your baby beautiful.

by Roy Paul Prosise on December 4th, 2015

​New product ideas have a little Twain paradox in it. New products are easy to sell. New products are hard to sell. For a new company with a new brand and a new product, it can be the best of times and the worst of times.
The double-edged sword is that consumers want to buy the next new thing on the market, but no one can buy a new product if they do not know it exists. New products are fresh and trendy. New products are cool! And still, nobody will know why they need or want to purchase your new product if you do not educate them. It is expensive to tell your story to consumers. Marketing, PR and advertising campaigns are like running for presidential elections: You can throw a lot of money at it and still not get into the White House.  Do not just build it and hope they will come! Launching a new product is a system of moving parts. For example, you need market validation before your go all in with mass-manufacturing and marketing, but how much marketing should you spend for a what volume of sales? At some point, you will have to stop dilly-dallying and make a decision or somebody else will bring your idle product idea to fruition. Only when you go all in, can your brand get the exposure and recognition required to generate the buzz and sales and success that you envisioned. It is absolutely an art to making new product ideas come alive. Be warned, you can get cut if you don’t do it right!

by Roy Paul Prosise on December 3rd, 2015

​There are countless bone-chilling, horror stories of US companies out-sourcing their manufacturing and production to Asia and being turned upside down with production issues and hard assets being held ransom. Google it. Then why do people outsource to Asia? Cheap tooling and labor. What are the issues with production in Asia? Shipping cost, delivery time and quality control? How to resolve shipping? Production orders by container volumes and good time management. How to manage the QC? Establish yourself in China. These off-shore nightmares have a common denominator: The US Company has no real presence in Asia.
We have seen many US companies who contact Asia suppliers direct on Alibaba expecting dirt cheap production with US quality. The US company corresponds with the Asian “factory” on email or Skype to get a few samples for approval, pulls the trigger on an MOQ and expect the same quality of production as the samples they received. You might end up with the expected quality product, you might not. First point, when you think you are sourcing and dealing directly with an Asian factory, you are probably dealing with a broker. The broker is going to find a Chinese factory that supplies a product like what you want. The broker has no control of the manufacturing process, production line, testing, QC, etc. In other words, you are not dealing directly with the Chinese factory that is making your product like you think you are. Second, when you base the quality of a new production run by shipping and inspecting a few samples or a previously successful production run, the US quality product you expect will turn out for the worst. You know why? You are not there to inspect the parts. You did not go to China, get drinks and build a relationship with the factory manager. You do not have a US manager on the ground in Asia constantly checking up on the production lines, continuously inspecting product quality and confirming materials before each container ships. The Chinese company is just trying to find a way to squeeze out a few more pennies since you have already beat them down on price. They are not intentionally trying to sabotage your business- they are just trying to make a living. Mostly.
So who is at fault when it inevitably goes wrong? The Chinese factory? The Chinese broker? Moral of the story is that you cannot throw operations over the pond and expect it to come back to your standard when you do not manage it correctly. You have to constantly plug in communications day in and out to keep up with your operations in Asia. Even with managers on the ground in Asia, you are going to have issues. In that case, at least you can resolve these problems before container lots of product ship to the US. If you are the US company that had epic failures in Asia, call Beknown and we will come bail you out.

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 29th, 2015

​There are a million ways to make a million dollars. The cost to make a million dollars is a million dollars, and the reason it takes money to make money is because there is no free lunch in the business of business is business. Who wants to be a millionaire without doing any work? Everyone! Who do you know who has become a millionaire without putting in the time and money to get there? Inventors tend to think that the idea has all the value. Just because you think of an idea that you cannot search and find a similar product on the internet does not entitle you to worth. In other words, just because you have a “million dollar idea,” your idea will not make you a millionaire until you take your idea from concept to market. Now if you put the money and time to build a strong patent around your million dollar idea, you might have a little worth. If you put the money and time to design and prototype this idea of yours, you might have even more worth. If you put the money and time to set up an outfit and process to mass-manufacture your idea, and the money and time to product your idea, now you have some hard assets and a sellable product, but what did it take to get there? Money and Time. Even with an inventory of retail-ready product and means to mass-manufacture and distribute, how will anyone hear about the product? You need more money and time to get the word out to consumers. If you are selling your product for a dollar, you need to sell a million to gross a million dollars, but what was the cost of initial investment, manufacturing, labor, energy, shipping, taxes? You can see that making a million dollars is not that easy, and that the idea alone is not as valuable to a product company until you have some hard assets to sell the idea. So back to the point, it takes a million to make a million. Once you have a grasp on the Million for Million concept, you can start to think about OPM.. Other People’s Money. Just because it takes a million to make a million, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is your million dollars you are spending!

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 27th, 2015

​What you know about Albert Einstein and what you can find on the Internet most likely includes topics such as the quantum physics, theory of relativity, the creation of the atomic bomb, philosophy of science and so on.. What you don’t know about Einstein is that he uncovered a secret formula for true creativity and profound success that has been hidden from the modern world. He called it the BeKnown® Theory. Surely there is a lot of math derivations and lengthy experiments that prove the BeKnown® Theory, but we cannot get tied up in these trivial matters that only evade the main point! The main point is simple formula E = m(BK)2 that Einstein revealed on a chalk board next to his death bed and the impact it can bring to the world!

In the BeKnown® formula, E = m(BK)2
m ≡ human subject with a need
BK ≡ BeKnown® constant
E ≡ Everything you need for creative solutions and profound success

The formula has been staring mankind in the face for decades and will most likely remain underground, lost and unheard of, but the few men willing to square the BeKnown® constant can attest to the power and riches the equation can yield. Ask yourself this question before you go any further in your life journey: Do you want to Be Known?

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 25th, 2015

Many people who think they want to be entrepreneurs are just unhappy in their current job working for the “Man.” If you are serious about bringing your own company to the service world or the “million dollar idea” to the marketplace, you have to find the capital, time and energy to build it. Developing a complete business plan can help you avoid any impulsive decisions because in all honesty, your day job is still paying your bills! In addition to wanting to quit, you have to have a viable idea and an effective sales, marketing and operations plan. Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that if you are serious about your own company, you should be prepared to quit your day job and work full-time on building your new company. This is bad advice! I always encourage inventors to work two jobs as long as they can until their new company to make as much income as their old job!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • How will you raise money to keep the business going?
  • Are you willing to wear many hats?Manufacturing? Supply-chain management?? Distribution??? Social media???? Sales?????? Marketing????????
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who are your customers and competitors?
  • Have you factored in possible unforeseen costs?
  • What will your new day-to-day routine be like?
  • Is your support network on board?Do you have a backup plan and options?
  • How will you avoid burning bridges?
  • Have you quit your job yet?

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 23rd, 2015

​Have you ever woken up wondering what the hell is going on with your business?  Lots of entrepreneurs do. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives, and often multiple times. If there is no clarity to the path you are taking with your product company, then you are most likely on some other company’s path or plan! Sometimes you need to step way back and get another higher perspective.

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 20th, 2015

​Many promising companies with new product ideas struggle to turn prototypes into products that grow their business.  They lack the commercialization resources needed to efficiently design, build and test a beta product, conduct market opportunity assessments, scale-up manufacturing or train employees. This is a growing problem in a rapidly changing global market place, where speed to market may dictate success or failure. Typically, large companies take too long due to corporate red tape and approval protocol, and new companies lose time in the learning curve to commercialize their products may fail to capitalize on a narrow window of opportunity before competitors swoop in and pass them by. The Beknown System hinges on its speed to market with the commercialized resources and proven strategy. The Beknown commercialized system has been tried, proven and refined with the successes and failures of Beknown in-house product lines to its current format of evolved efficiency. In layman’s terms: we understand that speed kills.

by Roy Paul Prosise on November 17th, 2015

​The founders of SOOMR LLC came to us with a working models for us to help improve the design functionality and strengthen their patent claims. We designed for mass-manufacturing, built the injection molding tools, created sales and marketing materials, and in 3 months the RoomDefender™ is available to purchase at!
You probably have a room in your house that you don't want others to enter. For most, it's your master bedroom where you keep jewelry, cash, prescription medicines, firearms, and other private items. Whether you're entertaining guests, leaving your kids home alone, living with a roommate, or participating in vacation home sharing, you need a way to secure these rooms.

The RoomDefender™ is the world's only entry deterrent system designed for interior doors. RoomDefender™ is an easy to use and portable device for securing bedroom doors and protecting your valuables.

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