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Product Name Development

Names are designed to evoke the positioning of a company or product ...Product naming is the discipline of deciding what a product will be called, and is very similar in concept and approach to the process of deciding on a name for a company or organization. Product naming is considered a critical part of the branding process, which includes all of the marketing activities that affect the brand image, such as positioning and the design of logo, packaging and the product itself. The process involved in product naming can take months or years to complete. Some key steps include specifying the objectives of the branding, developing the product name itself, evaluating names through target market testing and focus groups, choosing a final product name, and finally identifying it as a trademark for protection.

Product Slogan Development

Catchy slogans are usually short sentences that are used to emphasize the quality of business products and to create demand within customers. ...For many years, companies have used slogans in their advertisements. Major corporations and small business alike have used catchy phrases to tell the world what makes their product or service special or different. When done well, a slogan can become the centerpiece of a company’s identity – and if done poorly, a slogan can send the wrong message and actually drive customers away.

Logo Design

For custom logo design at an affordable rate, BEKNOWN offers top quality logos.... A professional-looking business logo helps make your business more noticeable and trustworthy. You want your business logo to have a ‘wow’ effect to it that guarantees people will memorize it. Because when they memorize your logo, they’re remembering your business. Your logo should build a brand that is strong enough to give your customer a visual imagery of your business. People should be able to recognize your business on sight of your logo. With advertising of your brand across the dissimilar mediums, people tend to have a confidence in your brand. Whether it is a billboard, a business card or a flyer, your logo design will be the imprint for reliance and trustworthiness. A high-quality logo can build dependability between your business and your clients, establish brand distinctiveness, and provide the professional look of a trustworthy business.

Web Site Development / Management

Your website is your online presence and needs to enhance your company’s image and products in a way that is both professional and useful to your prospective customers. The best way to attract targeted visitors and keep them interested is by providing informative content. Millions of websites offer products. Your website needs to stand out.

Packaging Development

Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells.[1] In many countries it is fully integrated into government, business, institutional, industrial, and personal use.

Video / Comercials

1) Product demo videos usually are made to demonstrate how your product works ( the step-by-step instructions) and highlights the features that differentiate your product from that of your competitors.
2) Product Presentations videos are usually beneficial early in the buying cycle. Product or service presentations focus on benefits of your product from your customer's perspective.
3) Product Review videos.
4) Visual Stories quickly rising in popularity, visual stories employ illustrations, animations, Flash animations and motion graphics with a voice-over to explain complex products or services in a simple and compelling manner.

Video / Pictures / Print

We have the ability to produce quality professional pictures and video for Print, Social Media, Packaging, Website Etc. Quite simply video and image marketing is incorporating videos and pictures into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company, product or service. Customer testimonials along with live event videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to leverage rich media content into their marketing efforts. The video and pictures tell a story and get your attention.

Marketing Literature / Price Sheets / "Tools"

Choose a memorable image. Simple but unexpected is often the best route to take. For example, these stark, colorful silhouette ads that barely even show the iPods they’re peddling couldn’t get much more straightforward, but because they don’t look like any other ads, they are instantly recognizable.