The Process

Mold Layout concepts

Before we ever start the Design, our team of Engineers do simple sketches to fully understand the dynamics of the mold before we start the formal mold Design. This allows Be Known to fully explore all the tooling options. Schethes are fast and very comprehensive.

Preparing a Tool Specification

The tool specification is a detailed recipe for the mold construction. This specifies all material types and components to build the mold.

-What is the function of the part?
- What is the expected lifetime of the part?
- What agency approvals are required? (UL, FDA, USDA, NSF, USP, SAE, MIL spec)
- Will the part be implanted in humans? If so, biocompatibility is your first concern.
- What electrical characteristics are required and at what temperatures?

Mold Design

Be Known is a premier design & engineering services company specializing in the design of metal stamping dies, Blow molds, vacuum molds and plastic injection molds for the automotive, appliance, HVAC, medical, Consumer electronics products and lawn & garden industries. Our team of engineers utilizes SolidWorks and Pro Engineer CAD software for 3-D Solid Model Plastic Injection Mold design, to develop your Plastic Injection Mold from simple prototype mold core/cavity splits to complex multiple-cavity production molds. Be Known will take the upfront time and effort required to design a mold that functions properly the first time. We work with our customers to ensure proper wall thickness, rib thickness, draft, finish, gating, venting, etc. to ensure your part is to specification and exceeds your requirements.

Mold Construction

We have many years of experience in fabricating precision molds for both local and export
purposes. With our state of the art machinery, we are able to satisfy the most stringent requirements form our customers. We are capable of building complex tools of up to 1800 tons.

Mold Completion / Mold Sample

Mold trial or (the acceptance of molded parts for production) is a time-consuming process for molders. In this phase of the program, Beknown takes great care to fully understand the perofrmance of the mold to maximize process for production. Here we can determine a stable process to provide the very best part.