Product Success


Welcome to Revomech! Revomech and  Beknown® will be launching some creative new innovative products which will make your life a little easier very soon.  Coming Soon


"SwingBak" ​The only roller in the world with; Pressure NodesTMand Raised End-DiscsTM for pin-point pain relief and a Bone-ZoneTM for spine and neck comfort.

"Bella Breeze"

​Beknown® and Outdoor Products, Inc. is in the business of innovation and we are proud to announce the availability of our innovative outdoor cooling and heated tables called "BellaBreeze," that means beautiful breeze. Now in limited production, we are offering our tables to commercial and residential customers at reduced pricing as we gear up for national distribution. Outdoor Products, Inc. has developed a Table that can be used for many different locations. Nothing better than on a HOT day having cold air blowing on your face and lower body cooling you down and keeping the bugs away. Check us out at


"Swaffle" is a ​waffle Iron, an appliance that allows you to make stuffed waffles. Inventor: Mike from Pflugerville, Texas gave Beknown® the opportunity to be a part of developing this cool little product. Lets say all the ​Beknown® Engineers gained a little weight during the testing phase!


​Welcome to Revomech! A tech startup company that is about technology and people , we aim to provide the tech market with high quality consumers electronic as well as new patented technologies to enrich our customers daily lives with our product portfolio.

"Sure Shot Basketball"

​​The Sure Shot basketball is a premier training ball for serious shooters looking to take their game to the next level. Using unique fingertip cutouts, the Sure Shot basketball guarantees fingertip control ensuring players develop consistent shot success by reinforcing proper release and form. With the Sure Shot basketball you are guaranteed to improve your shooting. Thirty minutes a day with Sure Shot will give you the confidence and technique you need to take the shot and MAKE THE SHOT!

"Beknown Flatware Set"

Beknown® has created its own line of flatware. ​There are many different types of flatware to choose from. Find the best flatware for your restaurant or business. We can do custom colors. Cups, knives, forks, spoons and plates. Crystal clear flatware sets.

"G Spot Products"

Adult toys can play an important part in enhancing and improving the sex lives of adults. GSpot Products offers a wide selection of erotic toys. We focus on the quality and functionality of our products to provide years of fun.


Imagine a smartphone app that gave you the power to program your sprinkler system from your phone — and notified you if it was set to run the day after a rainstorm so you could reschedule it. Or an app that alerted you about a water leak at your home. Or one that made it possible to track your water use and water bill during the month.


The finest cocktail bars in the world go to great lengths to serve crystal clear ice—even buying and carving their ice from 50+ pound clear ice blocks. Now, thanks to Invisiball by Corkcicle, you can get the same results using tap water from your sink.

"Limb Bit"

In 2013, JD Conway, DVM, strapped four smartphones to each leg of a horse and discovered an exciting and new healthcare technology for horses and owners. With sensors inside the phones, he could extract data that allowed him to determine the changes in a horse’s leg movements. With lameness being the #1 health related problem in horses. With the right partnership with Rob and Beknown® , the team is in place to create the "Limb Bit" product.

"GoFish Cam"

In 2014, two brothers came up with an idea for an underwater fishing camera. The two brothers found Kieran Howlett an tech genius! Together, the three partnered with Beknown® , and have invested more than a year of time working hard to bring to market the best underwater fishing camera.

"Corkcicle Tumbler / Canteen"

With proprietary triple insulation, Canteen keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. Available in 14 colors and three sizes, including the 25oz Vinnebago Edition which holds standard bottle of wine. At home or on-the-go, the triple-insulated Tumbler will keep your drink cool for 9 hours or hot for three. No freezing. No cup sweat. No joke. Comes in two sizes and eight colors.

"Corkcicle Can Chiller"

Kick that koozie to the curb – this is the last can cooler you will ever need. Arctican keeps 12-ounce drinks cold without making your hands cold. Simply freeze the cooling core, twist it on and enjoy ice-cold drinks for up to 3 hours.

"Party Holster"

The Party Holster is perfect for holding your drink , or back up drink at bars, parties, concerts, sporting events, tailgates, BBQ's, boat outings, or any other social gathering. The Party Holster is the only handmade beverage holster built with a neoprene lining to keep your beverage cold while you party. It has been cleverly designed to snugly fit most bottles and 12-16 ounce cans. With an easy to attach belt clip you can wear your party hostler with almost any type of clothing.

"Room Defender"

Deterrent System for your interior doors RoomDefender™ gives you peace of mind from knowing that your bedroom is secure. RoomDefender™ is placed on your door handle and padlocked, the only way to enter your room will be by invasive or destructive means.

"Custom Pool Cover Shrouds"

Beknown® has created a line of custom cosmetic pool covers. Existing pool covers expose the un sighly metal workings and our covers protect and make the apearance clean. The need was identified by a customer and Beknown has ventured into the pool industry.

"Corkcicle Whisky Wedge"

Whiskey Wedge sets include a Double-Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass and a silicone mold. To use, add water to the glass, insert the mold, and then freeze the ice into a glacier-esque wedge. The resultant reduced surface area will slow down its melting process and, presumably, improve the overall experience of on the rocks consumption.

"Jump Shot Perfecter"

James DeHand came to Be Known® with an idea for a basketball training belt that contains a mechanism for raising an artificial arm/hand that provides a hand in the face of the user by means of an adjustable string connected through a forearm band to a wrist band. It provides a piece of that ever needed realism, especially when training alone.

Be Known Plastic Glassware

Beknown has created a line of Plastic Glassware for several different customers. The Glasses are great for outdoor use, restaurants. The glasses have a look and feel of traditional glass. They will not crack, cloud or discolor. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Keeps drinks hotter or colder longer! We used a water clear Triton tm material to achieve the quality product.

"Corkcicle Family of Products"

Corkcicle and Be Known have built a brand that represents true American ingenuity and captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Proving that great ideas still matter and that with hard work and great partners "Be Known", anything’s possible.

"Astro X"

Wine Cooler's sleek and durable design makes it great for all occasions, whether you're out for a picnic, having a romantic candlelit dinner at home, or looking to reduce ice usage at your restaurant. Outdoors, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of use, though Wine Cooler can maintain your perfect drink even longer in confined spaces.
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"Chillsner Beer Cooling Rod"

The one and only in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller: Just freeze, insert into any standard size bottled beer (9") and never suffer through another warm brew. Respect the beer. Chillsner is perfect for parties, tailgating and pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed.

"Discover Your Game Training Products"

Discover Your Game is a product company which creates products for lacrosse players to help players be better. DYG has a very complete line of products.

"Corkcicle Color"

Placed inside any wine bottle, Corkcicle keeps chilled whites chilled and cools room-temp reds. No excessively warm or chilled wine. Just the right temperature each time, every time. Corkcicle and Be Known has teamed up for several years to develop and produce very new and fun products for the wine lovers. Corkcicle color is created with fun TPE colored plastics to create the soft touch and seal the wine bottle.

"Corkcicle Toppers"

Exclusively designed for use with our classic Corkcicle, Corkcicle Color, or Corkcicle Stoppers, Corkcicle Caps collections are a perfect addition to any occassion where a bottle of wine is being savored.

"Clean Cubes"

Clean Cubes are attractive, disposable trash and recycle bins. They are a complete trash solution, composed of a plastic trash liner adhered to a paper bin. Its instant setup and easy cleanup solves the problem of trash or recyclable build-up at parties, events, and many other situations. Clean Cubes and all of its components are biodegradable.


Meet the next generation of cool. Forged out of stainless steel with our signature icicle look, Corkcicle.ONE includes a new pour through feature, as well as a state-of-the-art aerator that instantly expands the aromatic profile of your wine as you pour. Like its Corkcicle predecessor, Corkcicle.ONE cools down room-temp reds and maintains chilled whites at the perfect temperature.

"MyDrinky Adjustable Juice Box Holder"

My Drinky is a universal Juice Box Holder. It's designed to allow for many different production drink containers to be retained by the "MyDrinky". The design has a kid-friendly profile to make drinking juice fun and easy.

"Bijou Home Decor"

Make a statement with BiJou for Blinds, the new way to take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Designed to be interchangeable, our innovative system installs once letting you decorate with any of our BiJou designs; change them out for any occasion, it's a snap. Come explore our collection and order your favorites. Go ahead, unleash your inner designer - it's time to pull with style. So many possibilities - visit often as we are just getting started.

"Corkcicle Air"

Corkcicle Air aerates your wine as you pour, introducing just the right amount of oxygen for your wine’s subtle flavors to really peak. Not only is it significantly faster than traditional decanting methods, it enables you to enjoy your wine at your leisure.

Corkcicle Plug"

Corkcicle Stopper is a colorful wine plug to seal a bottle of opened wine. The design allows for removable caps and ability to add toppers. Available in our four signature pop-influenced colors, Corkcicle Stoppers feature a removable top that lets you mix and match to create cool color combinations.

"My ShowerFlower"

The "My Shower Flower" fits on almost any kind of can in your bathroom or around the house. Shaving cream cans, paint cans, WD-40™ cans, bleach cleansers, wax cans and more can be protected with the "My Shower Flower" with the easiest effort of stretching the "My Shower Flower" over the bottom of a can, you save many hours on scrubbing those un wanted rust rings that never really seem to completely come off.

"Bottle It"

Bottle It snaps on to the top ring of your favorite 8, 12 or 16 ounce beverage can, turning that can into a longneck bottle instantly. Bottle It eliminates the sloshing of liquid from the can while in the car, boat, golf cart and more! While at the lake or beach, Bottle It will eliminate the sand, dirt and insects from entering the drink can with its convenient plastic cap. Virtually indestructible.

"Side Winder"

The Atlas Sidewinder is a lost-wax cast product, made from solid stainless steel, to last a lifetime!

Only 3,000 knockdowns will be released into the world! Each Sidewinder has a CNC machined identification number. This project was a blast to co- develop with Atlas.

This product is used much like a chizel to help repair dents in cars.

"Razor Pouch"

"Razor Pouch is a very creative product which organizes, maintains and keeps your razor clean. This very cool little product will be in the largest retail drug store chains across America very soon! With its unique design, you are able to place the "Razor Pouch" in a convenient location in the shower space, around the sink or Tub. You can even hang it on a towel rod!

"Lego Iphone Case""

Lego™ phone case. Here is a phone case that provides the ability to turn your phone into any logo creation. Fun for all who are creative and bring back memories of being young.

"DYG Locke"

Why do athletes go into the weight room? To get stronger! With the Locke you can add weight to your shaft and train with a purpose. Shoot harder, develop hand speed, and be stronger! Discover Your Game are experts in lacrosse training.

"Spike Savers"

Athletes no longer have to take shoes off in between events or walk on their heels to protect their spikes. When transitioning from the warm up surface to the bleachers or sidewalks, athletes can just slip on their Spike Aides! Spike Aide protects your spike tips as well as your toe plate. Spike Aide is anatomically designed to prevent injuries by strengthening one’s calf muscles, and arches.

"DYG Tracer"

A Tracer allows a goalie to adjust the length of the strap to whichever length they desire allowing them to extend their hands to the correct starting position while forcing them into the correct position when making a save. The Tracer teaches goalies the correct form.

"Lil-Helpers Baby Bottle Holder"

Lil Helpers™ Bottle Holder offers a safe, easy way to keep loved ones entertained and nursing while parents are free to multitask. Its ergonomic design matches your baby’s natural nursing posture and the BPA-free, solid construction holds most bottle sizes.

"Aqua Sprouts"

The AquaSprouts Garden’s easy-to-use system utilizes the natural symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. When the fish are fed, they create waste that is pumped into the grow bed above the aquarium. Naturally occurring bacteria then breaks down the waste and saturates the grow bed with nutrients producing strong, healthy, and organic plants while simultaneously cleaning the water for the fish.

"Tekpro promotional Divot"

The TekPro Divot was created and design by Roy Paul Prosise. This product is a very low cost design which has great functionality. The radius at the top of the repair divot allows a person to press the forks into the ground and create a resting place for the grip of a pitching wedge, keeping the handle dry from the morning dew on a green. The ball marker snaps in and out of the Repair tool with ease. It also comes in a variety of cool colors!

"Putting Cup"

Green coaster includes base and flag and holds mug, golf ball and pen.
Great dual purpose golf accessory. Practice putts at home or the office. Putting base doubles as a desk coaster.

"Putting Coasters"

This package design was ahead of its time! Not only did the packaging hold the "T's" and the Balls in place it also served as a putting cup and a soda coaster! This design was to be a usable package. Packaging that would not be thrown in the Garbage. The kids even used the package for a UFO flyer!! A very cool design created by Roy Paul Prosise!!!

"Weep Hole Cover"

Weep holes on masonry brick or rock wall construction, while necessary to vent moisture, are an open door to a home or building for pests. Once inside they can chew on wires, eat food and spread disease like Salmonella or Lyme Disease. Slam it shut "Weep Hole Cover"!! This product was test at Texas AM and approved to be the only cover to prevent fire ants from passing through!

"Beknown Mega Hook"

Our suction hooks feature a unique cam lever action for an extra strong hold on bathroom surfaces.
Because they’re constructed of durable plastic and stainless steel, these suction hooks are ideal for bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, lockers, and cars. These sturdy plastic suction hooks can easily be mounted on most smooth, clean surfaces, such as glass, tile, fiberglass, metal, stainless steel, mirrors and more. Sold in a package of 1 white hook.

"Med Shoola DVT Pump"

Travel Medicine Inc. brings the Medshoola product line over-the-counter to treat people who are at risk to Silent Killers such as DVT. Medshoola products are engineered to perform in hospitals and designed for convenience. We provide quality and affordable medical products that can keep up with the fast pace of everyday life.

"DYG LZR Shot"

The LZR-Shot is the ultimate tool for perfecting a player’s throwing technique. Now, with the patented laser-pointing device, all players can actually see the the laser-pointer wherever they are truly aiming - allowing them to correct their position in order to throw accurately and in the correct position without the aid of a coach!! Additionally, there is a patented level-trigger that turns the laser on ONLY when the player is in the correct position to throw. If the laser isn’t on, the player must adjust their position until it turns on giving them the OK to throw!

"Custom Straps"

Welcome to Custom Straps made to order. You will find many choices for custom creating the watchstrap of your dreams. You can select the width, length, material (leather, exotic skin such as crocodile, alligator, or ostrich), thickness, stitching color, and buckle finish. We can customize any detail.

"Snap & Snak"

Snap & Snak does precisely that – promotes good hygiene by providing your child with a germ-free dining experience. Snap & Snak is a simple fix that takes the worrying out of dining out!

"Zip Valve Box"

Zip Valve Box is a very creative robuss design with value added inprovements. Valve boxes have been around for many years and there are many competitors in this market space. Zip Valve has incorporated a adjustable side walls to elliminate the need of cutting tools and reduces time for installs!

"All Grown Up"

"All Grown Up!” (AGU) is here to help all parents, mentors and guardians with a young lady’s transition into womanhood. AGU developed an effective and convenient feminine hygiene kit designed to reduce embarrassing moments and educate young women about the exciting changes they are going through.


Squizzers is a new way to cut and juice lemon, limes and small oranges. With a shraded blade it punctures and cuts the lemon in half then juices. Squizzers was created two college friends Alex and Cristian! With the support of the Beknown® team we created a design that stands out and performs with perfection!

"Night Runner"

Completely unobtrusive to the
runner's experience, Night Runner
shoe lights are ultra-light, rechargeable LED units that provide
advanced warning of trip hazards and visibility to vehicles. The unique left and right 'wing' design features 270 degrees of visibility in front of the runner and two red
​tailights facing behind.


VinEdge is made up of a sleek, no-pump spout and a disposable tube that is placed on an open bottle of wine. As the wine is poured, the tube inflates in the bottle, creating a vacuum and reducing the amount of air that touches the wine. The stylish VinEdge spout is available in a variety of materials and colors, and the package includes extra disposable tubes and a base for the pourer when it is not in use.

"Hooler Cooler"

The functionality of the Hooler is simple. Add ice and cold water into the cup, place your beverage directly into the ice and water, then seal the ring around your beverage. Adding enough cold water to completely submerge your drink is encouraged. If there is water above the seal after you close it, just dump the excess water before opening your drink.

"Lighted Hoof Pick"

The hoof pick is a basic tool that is found in every horse owner's grooming kit. It's essential to horse hoof health. Not much has changed in the last century when it comes to hoof pick technology. But the makers of The Illuminated Hoof Pick has taken this simple tool and improved on it. This handy hoof pick solves the problem of not being able to really see what's going on in your horse's hoof when you're cleaning it.

"DYG Rep-it"

Great players spend countless hours on the wall playing wall-ball. Now you can track the number of repetitions you perform with the Rep-It! Press the reset button, clip it on to your stick, and your ready to go!


wROKIT™ bands feature:
• Comfortable, breathable fabric
• Unique auto-wrap construction for rapid fitting and removal
• Ergonomic design
• Secure portability for your personal electronics device
• High utility as a device stand or hanger
• Text/Email/Web without removing from your wrist
• Phone is always where you need it
• Never drop your phone
• Highly fashionable appearance

"Atlas Pulls"

What makes the Atlas Olympian™ Pull so good?

• It is made of the strongest plastic available and won't break as easily or as often as other pulls.
• A glue face was created for maximum adhesion to the automotive panel.
• The shaft is the maximum thickness possible and will still fit any slide hammer.
• The Atlas Olympian™ Pull is designed for maximum strength, durability, and effectiveness, saving you time and money as it significantly increases your efficiency.
• With its patented technology, the Atlas Olympian™ Pull is guaranteed for multiple usage.

"DYG Driver"

This screwdriver is perfect for any player. With its elegant, ergonomic design, it fits perfectly into your hands providing you the perfect leverage for screwing on lacrosse heads, or anything having to do with your equipment. Its small design makes it a perfect tool that fits into virtually any bag pocket. A must have for any lacrosse player.

"H.C.R Timers"

HCR timer is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Able to run 12v and 6v feeders, the timer is capable of running any direct current motor currently used in deer and livestock feeders. Timer may be set to four programs in a 24-hour period, and feed up to 30 seconds PER FEED TIME. When testing, a 5 second preprogrammed delay allows you time to turn and walk a safe distance away for a field test. Removing the AA batteries and allowing 5 minutes prior to reinserting the batteries easily reset the timer. Among the other attractive features of this timer is it’s ease of adaptability to almost any feeding system on the market today. The unit is supplied with a 4 wire harness, 2 wires connect to your battery, and the other 2 go to the feeder's motor!

"Charging Clip"

Cell Phone Holder
No more charging cords on the floor or counter.
When charging your phone, don’t leave it on the floor where it can get stepped on, or on the kitchen counter where it’s vulnerable to spills. This handy shelf hangs adjacent to the plug, keeping your phone safe, and the cords neatly wrapped and out of the way.

"Pipe Clip"

A useful range of Be Known fasteners designed to hold pipes, Cables or tubular components to any other pipe or cable running in parallel. Clipping the components together avoids vibration or chafing. We can also supply other various kinds of Automobile Parts , Such as Clips and Fasteners, Bandagers , Pipe Clips , Plug Covers, Oil Tank Covers, Valves, Door Handles, Auto-Warning Brake Oil Tank , Automobile Interior and Exterior Parts, Automobile Function Parts and others.

"Pak Ur Derm"

PakUrDerm™ (pronounced "pack-your-derm") is the 21st century solution for business travelers, families and other leisure vacationers seeking to minimize impact on the environment. Although the design is suitable for all air travelers, specific features address the unique challenges faced by those with sight limitations and reduced manual dexterity.

"DYG Glyde"

The Glyde any goalie can be trained to get to the ball quicker than they ever thought possible. Now with the Glyde you can do just that. With it’s color coded sides, you can put the Glyde in between a goalies feet and see whether or not they are stepping to the ball properly - if a different color flips up, you know the goalie is dragging their back foot. Every fraction of a second matters to a goalie - let’s get those seconds on your side!!

"DYG Throttle"

Now, there is the perfect tool to promote such greatness - The Throttle Pro. Endorsed and used by legendary coach Dave Cottle (Loyola University, University of Maryland, MLL Chesapeake Bayhawks), he invented the most universally used shooting and throwing drill in which players would stand behind a goal and throw over that goal in order to get their hands up and in a overhand motion. The Throttle Pro allows any player, small or tall, to take full advantage of this drill by having different height settings. Furthermore, the breakaway system allows a player to follow through with their shot or pass without the fear of breaking their stick .

"Plan a Space"

LIVING. It's a beautiful word. Living Spaces are exactly that - spaces to live beautifully where families gather, friends share a meal on game night, coffee is served, conversations shared. However, these can also be some of the most difficult spaces to arrange. Plan A Space Living Spaces kits put an end to the hassle and turn the design process into a positive experience.


The Pitchitter is a better way to practice and train pitchers with a revolutionary game simulating pitching aid and combination batting-T.


Accu-Text™ is the perfect match for most hand operated devices.
It is a universal touch screen stylus that provides a germ-resistant antimicrobial barrier.This device works on resistive and capacitive touch screens or button key pads.


Ballzer is a shoe cleaning device and protector. The Croc like material slides over a basketball shoe to protect the shoe during warm up and travels to and from the Gym floor. Inside the shoe is a Double sided "sticky" tape that cleans all the dust from the bottom of a shoe. Much like the pad pros step on before entering the game. This is a product designed and produced by Be Known.


EZ-Clip is s creative design to allow people to cary water bottle shands free. The attachment feature is built into the cap.